About Manoz Shrii Bhanja

Manoz Shrii Bhanja was born in Rourkela, Odisha. After completing his school study, he was very anxious to know about the occult science.A time came when he left his family and home and went to HIMALAYA for research of true knowledge of the occult science.Then he met a GURU named “GIRIDHAR MAHARAJ”.Who taught him how to meditate and heal others.After that slowly & slowly his life changed and his GURU asked him to goback and help the humanbeings who are facing problem in this day to day life , without knowing the reason.After that he Learned many of the courses LIKE:CRYSTAL HEALING,MEDITATION,CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY,STAGE HYPNOSIS,SELF HYPNOSIS,PROSPERITY WORK SHOP,NUMEROLOGY,MEMORY WORK SHOP FOR CHILD AND ADULT,MIND POWER,N L P,ASTROLOGY,ANGEL MAGIC,PARENTING,ADVANCED HYPNOSIS,ASTRAL,PROJECTION,MIDBRAIN ACTIVATION,KARUNA REIKI,SIGIL MAGIC,Tarot card Reading to SERVE Better.

In today life every humanbeings do have some types of there life.The problem which their facing might be generated by wrong :(Vastu,Pst life Karma Dosha,Might be wrong Graha dosha),might be from their Name problem or from KARMA DOSHA.

So there is a way to find & Cure all these problems.But the most Essential thing is “BELIVE”. “Those who don’t belive in Miracles the Miracles will never find them”.

Manoz Live

Through his company, Awaakenning the jaintt power, Shriman has broken new ground in the industry by hosting high energy , interactive & experimental events.Participants are allowed the freedom to tap into their higher self and unleash the full capacity for happiness in safe and supportive environment. The use of latest technology and multimedia engages the audience and ensures a first class experience from beginning to end.